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Powertrip Festival – Worst Kept Secrets Revealed

Rumours of a new ‘Heavy Metal Coachella’ have been circulating for ages, alongside names of bands that might appear. Now, the worst kept secret in metal has been revealed – the Powertrip festival. Get your juices flowing before the big event right here on Classic Metal Hawk.

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Reheat Feud With Bruce Dickinson

When the Hawk recently read about a years-old Classic Heavy Metal feud being reheated in the press, he couldn’t resist a comment piece on it. In this case, it’s Sharon mand Ozzy Osbourne, and their intense dislike of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson that got a fresh airing. Let’s dive right in.

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Ozzy Finally Admits Defeat on No More Tours II

This week, Ozzy Osbourne released a statement informing fans that his ‘No More Tours II’ run with Judas Priest was not going to happen. It’s disappointing but inevitable. Ozzy’s health problems have meant that rescheduling wasn’t possible. But many Ozzy contemporaries have weighed in with kind words. The Hawk reproduces a few here.


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