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RANKED – All Megadeth Lead Guitarists!

Word hit the streets recently that Megadeth have parted company with yet another guitarist. Kiko Loureiro had already taken time out and now the split is a long term one. So, at the end of (another) era for Megadeth lead guitar, here’s Classic Metal Hawk’s ranking Megadeth of Lead guitarists.

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Motley Crue Controversy – Fact or Fiction

The Hawk has posted on here about the bad boy antics of Ozzy Osbourne – how much of that reputation was true and how much hype. Now it’s time to apply the same treatment to Glam Hair Metal kings and hedonistic sometime junkies Motley Crue.

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Paradise Lost – As I Die – Poetry in Motion

Lots of classic heavy metal songs have death as their theme. But has there ever been a more poetic example than Paradise Lost’s iconic ‘As I Die’? In this song blog, The Hawk takes a look at how heavy metal sometimes brings deep and powerful emotional energy to sometimes macabre themes.

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Aerosmith – Permanent Vacation – The Reunion Years

Aerosmith have managed to churn out some occasionally damn good music, especially in the mid and late 80s reunion years, when Joe Perry rejoined them. If hearing more from and about the ultimate re-union album, Permanent Vacation strikes you as a solid use of time, read on!

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Diamond Head – Am I Evil – YES I AM!!

Am I Evil. A heavy metal cult classic for Diamond Head. Also for Metallica, who’ve added DH numbers to their studio records and their live set over the years. Heavy metal bands cover each other’s songs all the time. But the connection between these bands is deeper than you might think!


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