About Classic Metal Hawk

About Classic Metal Hawk

(Call me ‘The Hawk’)

Do you love Classic Heavy Metal music from the 1970s, 80s and 90s? Want to get more of the lowdown on your favourite bands, songs and albums? Find yourself regularly reminiscing on all those classic riffs and licks?

Then you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Classic Metal Hawk’s Heavy Metal blog.

My project

The Hawk (as he prefers to be known – there’s no formality round here) is nothing other than a fan of classic heavy metal – and when fans get older, they sometimes want to keep the flame burning – for the original generations of heavy metal fans, and hopefully for a whole new one. That’s why The Hawk decided to set up the ClassicMetalHawk.com blog.

And this is a heavy metal blog with a difference. Sure, you’ll find plenty of entertaining discussion and articles, maybe with a few nuggets of information you didn’t already know. And there’s plenty to listen to whilst you read thanks to The Hawk’s selected videos that fit in nicely with each article.

More important, it’s a chance to join and contribute to the Classic Metal Hawk community – and not just by signing up for a newsletter (yawn!!). Here you can also contribute your own stories – share your own adventures (past and present) in the world of Classic Heavy Metal so that we can all enjoy them.

Let’s talk positioning – what is Classic Heavy Metal? If you’re new to the site, why not check out The Hawk’s article setting out the ‘ground rules’ for what he’ll be posting about. Or, you could check out The Hawk’s first ever Classic Heavy Metal record. Once you’ve been through those 2, you’ll know pretty well what to expect in here.

Since that first purchase, Classic Metal Hawk has expanded his ear backwards and forwards in time from that wonderful starting point, and after over 35 years of listening, has built up a decent collection. So over time, we’ll be building a growing treasure trove of Heavy Metal fandom, written by The Hawk, and his listeners together.

That’s enough chatter though. To start digging into what’s already here, head on over to the main Blog Page, which contains everything ever posted on here. Or, you can start on the Band Blog or Song Blog pages, where you’ll get signposted to specific content. Don’t forget to comment after the articles.

Want to suggest an article topic that doesn’t already appear? But don’t leave it to chance – head right on over to The Hawk’s Suggestions Page.

And if you have a Classic Heavy Metal story of your own to tell, head right on over to The Hawk’s Community page, where fans can share their own stories right here.

Any other questions? The Hawk’s Contact page has you covered.

The Hawk knows how much passion fans have for Classic Heavy Metal – he is one himself after all. So dig in, keep in touch, and The Hawk hopes you get as much pleasure from reading this blog as he has had reminiscing and writing it.


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