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Poison – All the Controversy, Hits and Mishaps

Poison – a band with their fair share of mishaps over the years. Lawsuits. Illnesses and injury. Internal tension and arguments. Booze and Drugs. But they still churned out music that gets them a free pass into any discussion on Classic Heavy Metal. Let’s look at the contrasts.

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Sepultura Arise – Their Finest Hour

How do you get to a song to sound like ‘Arise’, a track that really put them on the map globally as a thrash metal band to be reckoned with? The speed, aggression and precision of the song make it a masterpiece even now it’s over 30 years old.

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Motorhead’s Lemmy – The Man Behind The Legend

Motorhead’s Lemmy. All time legend of Classic Heavy Metal. There are millions of Lemmy anecdotes out there. But what kind of guy was he really? In this post, we’ll try and pull a few stories together, and get a better sense of the real Lemmy. Dig right in here.

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Retold – The Tragic Death of Def Leppard’s Steve Clark

This is the story of a brand new 10,000 dollar watch sent Def Leppard’s 2 guitarists spinning off on 2 very different trajectories in life – culminating in the early end of one of them. The tragic death of Steve Clark – the mother of all cries for help.


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