Powertrip Festival – Worst Kept Secrets Revealed

Drum Roll Please…

In the worst kept secret in music, we now have confirmation of what to expect at the first ever Powertrip festival – a sort of heavy metal Coachella to be held in California in the Fall of this year 6-8 October 2023 to be precise. And since it’s being announced in virtually every relevant channel on the planet, The Hawk is getting in on the act.

Now, The Hawk isn’t one to brag, but of the 6 bands announced so far, 5 of them already feature prominently on ClassicMetalHawk.com, so well done to the organizers for showing some great taste in Classic Heavy Metal.

Power Trip Festival 2023 Poster

The Bands

It’s quite a show – Guns N Roses with Iron Maiden kick us off on the Friday. Then we have AC/DC and Ozzy on the Saturday. And it’s all rounded off by Metallica and Tool on Sunday. (Tool being the unfortunate act yet to get a post on this site, but there’s plenty of time yet. Drop a suggestion to The Hawk if there’s a particular aspect of Tool you’d like to read about.)

There are so many talking points. Metallica will no doubt be showcasing their new album, ’72 Seasons’. Ozzy is confirmed despite having cancelled his recent tour. His health can’t manage the rigours of day to day life on the road, but he says he’s fine for one off shows like this, and his voice will be good. As predicted here, we haven’t seen the last of Ozzy yet.

Also, this is the first time Ozzy has shared a bill with Iron Maiden since Sharon Osbourne re-ignited their feud with the London metallers. They have judiciously been kept apart of the bill, and will appear on consecutive night, but security will have to be on their guard if they want to avoid a repeat of the infamous Eggfest. Will they manage a civilized beer after the show to bury the hatchet?

Anyway, The Hawk is here to provide a public service. Maybe you’re waiting in the queue to purchase tickets (attractively priced, starting at $599 for general admission, all the way up to $1599 for the pit, plus camping / hotel costs of course. Check it all out at the festival’s site). Or you want to get the juices flowing in the lead up to the show.

And Meanwhile…

Then why not while away the hours by checking out the excellent articles on here. There’s The Hawk’s psycho-analysis of Axl Rose, or his rundown of what ‘Appetite for Destruction‘ is the best ever Guns N Roses album.

Relive some of Ozzy’s Wildman days – al those tales of drugs, violence and dismemberment. Or check out the story behind the classic song ‘Bark at the Moon.

For AC/DC there’s that unique story on the internet – The Hawk’s top 20 ranking of all the Acca Dacca songs with the word ‘Rock’ in the title. As for Iron Maiden and Metallica, just check out the band pages on here for all the great stories on offer.

That collection ought to be enough to get anyone in the mood to rock at Powertrip. It’s super exciting just thinking about it.

So, for everyone planning on heading to Indio to take it all in, The Hawk just says ‘Rock out’ – with that line up it’s sure to be a memorable few days.

And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send in tales of your Powertrip adventures for publication on our community blog. We want pictures. And video.

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