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Slayer – Hell Awaits – The ‘Stepping Stone’ Album

Slayer – 4 normal dudes who put out ‘Show No Mercy’ on a shoestring. Not long afterwards, they had con-quered the thrash world forever with the legendary ‘Reign in Blood’, probably the greatest offering in the genre of all time. So what happened in between? Let The Hawk fill in the blanks.

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Slayer – Show No Mercy – 4 Ordinary Joes On The Road to History

It’s funny, isn’t it, how performers in Classic Heavy Metal bands often come from such ‘normal’ backgrounds. No special education, no big connections. Just a love of the music, big dreams, and plenty of elbow grease. Slayer are a great example – 4 normal dudes who did something exceptional.

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Slayer – Reign in Blood – What’s the Secret Sauce?

‘Reign in Blood’ is the seminal 1986 offering by Slayer and widely voted by many fans to be the greatest Thrash Metal record ever made. There are other strong candidates, but everyone would agree that it has a super strong claim. But what makes it so good? Classic Metal Hawk has a few ideas.


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