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Pantera Reunion – How’s That Working Out for Ya?

Pantera have re-formed. Many people have welcomed them back, delighted to hear those metal classics again. Many others are angry – doesn’t this violate the wishes of the late Vinnie Paul? And there’s still THAT elephant in the room. Let’s take a look at how things have gone so far.

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Boom and Bust – The Spectacular Rise and Fall of Pantera

Has there ever been a better 6 year period for any heavy metal band in history than Pantera’s golden run from 1990 to 1996? They went from strength to strength musically and became THE creative force in 1990s heavy metal. But then the wheels fell off spectacularly. They can’t – and should not – now be reattached.

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Big Hair Pantera – Revisiting Their Glam Days

Pantera – clearly one of the heaviest of Classic Heavy Metal bands, right? Through the 1990s, they released a succession of ground-breaking albums, each heavier than the last. So, it may surprise you to learn that Pantera actually started out in the 80s as a full on, Hair Metal, Glam band. Read about it here.


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