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Sepultura Arise – Their Finest Hour

How do you get to a song to sound like ‘Arise’, a track that really put them on the map globally as a thrash metal band to be reckoned with? The speed, aggression and precision of the song make it a masterpiece even now it’s over 30 years old.

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Motorhead’s Lemmy – The Man Behind The Legend

Motorhead’s Lemmy. All time legend of Classic Heavy Metal. There are millions of Lemmy anecdotes out there. But what kind of guy was he really? In this post, we’ll try and pull a few stories together, and get a better sense of the real Lemmy. Dig right in here.

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Discovering the ‘Other’ Black Sabbath Singers – Part 3

Line-up churn – everyone has it, and Black Sabbath had it more than most. Everyone talks about the Sabbath stars who kicked it all off and ended it. So by way of a change we’re going to look at some other famous (or not!!) Sabbath musicians – starting with the singers. (Part 3)

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W.A.S.P. 40 Years Tour 2023 – Review

W.A.S.P. on tour after 40 years. It’s great that the longevity is there, but it sucks that there’s always this ‘see-them-while-you-still-can’ vibe about it all. The Hawk caught up with one of the European shows re-cently – would it be a celebration, or just some old dudes going through the motions? Find out here.

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Classic Heavy Metal Oldies – Cause for Celebration or for Sadness?

Classic Heavy Metal is a term invented by The Hawk to describe a certain subset of heavy metal music – anything from the 1970s to the 1990s. But ‘Classic’ could easily be seen as a euphemism for ‘Old’. What should we fans make of the fact that our favourite performers are, like ourselves, aging rapidly?

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Powertrip Festival – Worst Kept Secrets Revealed

Rumours of a new ‘Heavy Metal Coachella’ have been circulating for ages, alongside names of bands that might appear. Now, the worst kept secret in metal has been revealed – the Powertrip festival. Get your juices flowing before the big event right here on Classic Metal Hawk.

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Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne Reheat Feud With Bruce Dickinson

When the Hawk recently read about a years-old Classic Heavy Metal feud being reheated in the press, he couldn’t resist a comment piece on it. In this case, it’s Sharon mand Ozzy Osbourne, and their intense dislike of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson that got a fresh airing. Let’s dive right in.

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Ozzy Osbourne Wildman Days – Fact or Fiction?

Ozzy Osbourne – the original and archetypal Wildman of heavy metal, right? The Hawk has often wondered how much of Ozzy’s reputation is justified, and how much is just media hype. Here, he plays detective to produce a definitive rundown. Ozzy’s Wildman days – are they fact or fiction?

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Ozzy Osbourne Barks at the Moon – His Way

Horror movies, occult books – a rich source of material for Classic Heavy Metal bands since forever. Ozzy Osbourne has drunk from that particular well many times during his solo career – although in his own unique style, and with a sense of humour to match the horror. Best example? Definitely ‘Bark at the Moon’.


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