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Classic Heavy Metal Oldies – Cause for Celebration or for Sadness?

Classic Heavy Metal is a term invented by The Hawk to describe a certain subset of heavy metal music – anything from the 1970s to the 1990s. But ‘Classic’ could easily be seen as a euphemism for ‘Old’. What should we fans make of the fact that our favourite performers are, like ourselves, aging rapidly?

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Powertrip Festival – Worst Kept Secrets Revealed

Rumours of a new ‘Heavy Metal Coachella’ have been circulating for ages, alongside names of bands that might appear. Now, the worst kept secret in metal has been revealed – the Powertrip festival. Get your juices flowing before the big event right here on Classic Metal Hawk.

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The Adventures of Flawed Guns N Roses Genius Axl Rose

Is Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose nothing but a galaxy class ego with no thoughts for his long-suffering fans? Or a more complex character with strengths as well as flaws? He is sure a great case study for that sort of analysis. Let’s dig in a bit further and see what we find.

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Dio – Rainbow in the Dark – A Song Fit For the Thunder God

We all need to make space music in our lives. It’s fabulous that sometimes we can all stumble across Classic Heavy Metal in other, maybe more unexpected places. The Hawk says we should celebrate those sorts of opportunities, and came across one himself not too long ago during a trip to the movies.


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