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Retold – The Tragic Death of Def Leppard’s Steve Clark

This is the story of a brand new 10,000 dollar watch sent Def Leppard’s 2 guitarists spinning off on 2 very different trajectories in life – culminating in the early end of one of them. The tragic death of Steve Clark – the mother of all cries for help.

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Def Leppard – Hysteria – How it (NEARLY) Flopped

‘Hysteria’ was Def Leppard’s all time most successful smash hit album, generating over 20 million sales around the world. But it nearly flopped completely, and probably would have done, but for a late twist of fate. Strap in and read about how close they came to hitting the buffers.

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Def Leppard – Anti-Punk Standard Bearers or Sellouts?

Quite a few of the bands on The Hawk’s radar started out in the 1970s. For the British acts, that meant competing for attention when punk was the only big thing. Bands had to be single minded about their identity – and Def Leppard set out their stall firmly in the heavy metal camp.


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