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Paradise Lost – As I Die – Poetry in Motion

Lots of classic heavy metal songs have death as their theme. But has there ever been a more poetic example than Paradise Lost’s iconic ‘As I Die’? In this song blog, The Hawk takes a look at how heavy metal sometimes brings deep and powerful emotional energy to sometimes macabre themes.

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Diamond Head – Am I Evil – YES I AM!!

Am I Evil. A heavy metal cult classic for Diamond Head. Also for Metallica, who’ve added DH numbers to their studio records and their live set over the years. Heavy metal bands cover each other’s songs all the time. But the connection between these bands is deeper than you might think!

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Motorhead’s Orgasmatron – NOT About Sex!!

First new song blog on here for a while – an article covering the classic album closer ‘Orgasmatron’ by Motorhead, featuring the usual exciting Hawk rundown of facts and videos. Believe it or not, and in spite of the Lemmy reputation, Orgasmatron is NOT about sex. Read on to find out more.

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Metallica – Master of Puppets – How They Bottled Thrash Perfection

What can you really say about ‘Master of Puppets’, the title track to Metallica’s third, and for many fans, defining album – certainly during the early ‘thrash-kings’ phase of the band’s existence? Here, The Hawk examines the winning formula for the song and album – what makes it so good?

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Round and Round – How Uncle Miltie put Ratt on the map

Ratt’s heyday started and finished in the 1980s, kicking off with the subject of this Song Blog, ‘Round and Round.’ It’s is one of their best, and features on ‘Out of the Cellar’, Ratt’s first full length studio album. Here, The Hawk digs in to find out more about the making of this classic song.


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